Every 120 calories is matched by a dollar that goes towards curing blindness.

Exercise to burn calories. Every 120 calories burned is $1 towards curing blindness.

Track the calories you burn on the fitness app of your choice.  Make sure the total calories burned is included.

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Give Sight Global is the product of co-founders Justin Nabity & Reid Lancaster involvement with the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), which brought their attention to the millions of people around the world with curable blindness who are left untreated.

In 2013, a client for Physicians Thrive, Dr. Jeff Pettey from the University of Utah, invited Justin to the AAO’s annual meeting. At this meeting Justin first learned of the need millions have for cataract surgery and the mission to cure blindness. Since then, Justin has become increasingly involved in the AAO, including  volunteering with their Navajo Nation outreach program through the University of Utah Moran Eye Center and being invited to speak at the annual AAO conferences.

In 2016, Justin and his business partner, Reid Lancaster joined a team of AAO volunteers and several physicians, traveling to Tanzania to provide cataract surgeries. This trip grew their passion for the AAO’s mission and inspired them to create more awareness for the blind in underserved areas of the world by creating Give Sight Global. Give Sight Global is a nonprofit that sponsors cataract surgeries all over the world by collecting donation, including a portion of their annual fundraising being donated from Physicians Thrive. Additionally, Give Sight Global has started a running program that donates $1 to curing blindness for every mile run for anyone who wants to participate. Justin and Reid hope Give Sight Global creates worldwide awareness for curable blindness and what just one person can do to restore another person’s vision.

Justin Nabity, CFP®


Reid Lancaster