Physicians from the Global Outreach Division of the Moran Eye Center provided surgeries and training in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

FSM is an extremely challenging location to provide eyecare to with more than 100,000 people spans over 1 million square miles of islands and ocean. Geography alone limits access to treatment, and the backlog of curable blindness is staggering.


The Moran Eye Center’s has been treating patients in FSM since 2013 and in 2019 our team was able to provide additional funding to these efforts. 

The team of physicians is working to create a self-sustaining eye care system in FSM so that one day their services will no longer be needed. 

After years of providing surgeries, exams, and training, Moran created a strategic National Eye Care Plan for FSM that the local government is in alliance with. The plan outlines how the FSM will work with Moran over the next three years: contributing financial support for nurse training, skills transfer, equipment, and hiring a national eye care coordinator.

Performed 1,420 eye exams 

Performed 590 surgeries

Distributed over 800 pairs of readers 

Distributed over 50 pairs of prescription eyeglasses

Provided training for six local physicians 

Provided training for eight local nurses

Performed 2,500 eye exams 

Performed 800 surgeries

Distributed over 2,500 pairs of prescription eyeglasses

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